Wednesday, February 17, 2016

FBSHApost@6 Februari 2016: Modernisation and Islam in a Pluralistic Society

            The greatest mistake that the global community is making is to posit that Islamic fundamentalism is associated with the threat to government, be it in the Muslim world or in the West. At times there is a tendency to view the resurgence of Islamic traditions based on the Quran and Hadiths as an obstacle to political development, democracy and modernization. It is usually quickly concluded that Islamic fundamentalism is also synonymous to violence and religious extremism or just fanaticism. 

             We are lost in trying to separate the religion from its adherents. In reality, the revivalism in Islam is the rejection that social and political development can only be achieved through secularism of nationalism, socialism or communism or to be modern is to adopt westernization of Islamic society. (Esposito). When in fact one can be modern without abandoning the material and spiritual aspects of life. 

             It is the combination of our physical needs (body), the spiritual to achieve contentment of the body and the process of enlightenment through education and knowledge. Islam seeks peace and coexistence of different people, nation and religion by overcoming ignorance and intolerance and the acceptance of diversity as ordained by God. In this context we are still a long way from the problems of stereotyping, xenophobia and Islamophobia.. we can't be one definitely because we are not created as such but pluralistic so as to love, understand, share and care.

FBSHApost@6 Februari 2016

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