Friday, February 12, 2016

FBSHApost@4 January 2016: To be Honest and Sincere in Life

I know everything I have is a blessing from life, my worldly possessions and my family. I am grateful for this grant of favour. I don't want to harm anybody and I also pray that others don't want to harm or hurt me....

I am also happy that I don't take what is not mine. I know I am human with all kinds of shortcomings and weaknesses but most importantly I must be true to myself, family and the organisation that I serve....In life no one can buy honour and dignity for which I value....

I don't mind to walk the difficult path seeking justice and truth...I know there are lots of obstacles along the way either naturally there or placed by others who like to see you fall flat on your face. In this I seek Allah's protection against those who wish harm you bodily or spiritually. 

The reminder to me is, Son, so long as you are honest and sincere you can ward off all evils from jealousy or ill will or bad intentions. This is a reminder from my mother and father. Allah bless their souls. I'll remember this till my dying day.

Hasbunallahu wa niqmal wakil niqmal maula wa niqmal nasir. Aamiin.

FBSHApost@4 January 2016

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