Monday, February 29, 2016

FBSHApost@28 February 2016: Malays, UMNO, BN and GE14

I started in UMNO in 1970 when I graduated from Middle Temple Law School though I was exposed to UMNO much earlier in my life as my father had been a true servant of UMNO from the mid forties until his demise on 14th January 1977. 

He served as Asst Chief Information Officer during the time of Dato Onn, Information Chief and Secretary General twice when Tunku was the President of UMNO and PM....He had served in UMNO during Tun Razak's time and finally as the UMNO Head of Youth WING in Tun Hussein Onn's period of premiership until his death a year later. 

I knew young and senior leaders of UMNO either in our house or when my father took me and mother for his hari raya's round. I attended all kinds of UMNO GA in Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka building, Hilton Hotel and finally in the grandeur of the PWTC. I was able to see UMNO was in a state of peace, confidence and self-assuring, united in harmony and cohesion as well as UMNO confronted by crisis and turmoil...during Tunku's , Tun Razak's, Tun Hussein's, Tun Mahathir's, Tun Abdullah's and finally, Najib's eras...

Each has its own circumstances, reasons why it happened and political dynamics... Involving personality and politics, intrigues, counter intrigues and scandals. That's the nature of politics. I saw the departures of Tun Musa, Tun Ghafar, Anwar and now Muhyiddin. Its always sad and the party continues to bleed and the rakyat and party members at grassroots levels confused and divided. The difference between the previous and the current era is at that time the country's economy, Malay unity and politics was strong. 

The present crisis came at a time when Malay unity is at its lowest and UMNO and BN political support is at its worst in its history. If we would only open our eyes and ears then we can hear the voice of frustration, apathy and often anger. The respect for leaders and politics have dissipated. On top of that, the government faces the crisis of confidence and credibility which are handled according to public opinion in a flip flop manner. The party and the Malays are at a loss on what to do ...there is a lot of disillusionment and disappointments whether expressed or in silence. 

The young protesting on issues of governance and transparency. The Judiciary and the legal systems are under attack. Amidst this political environment, the Deputy Prime Minister was changed and now the same man as Deputy President was sacked. Now as the saying goes water had passed under the bridge.. I wished this exercise is done differently where the rule of law, democracy and natural justice is more visibly observed.... 

Obviously the party and leadership believed it is capable of managing this crisis and would be successful in the GE14.. Their advisors are definitely more confident in the strategy and methodology of crisis management. The best judge would still be the GE14....

FBSHApost@28 February 2016

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