Friday, February 12, 2016

FBSHApost@30 January 2016: Politics and politicians

What is most important in politics is to understand that you must be whiter than white. To survive you must be able to withstand public criticisms and scrutiny between myth and reality...credible or believable....tainted or not tainted....positive or negative flip flopping...the supporting team must be of impeccable character, consistent and truthful.

That's politics and we are entering an era when politics and politicians are not the most popular people...the public somehow has their own way of making judgments...without having to be a qualified lawyer or judge...not to have too many fronts to fight against...minimise or neutralise your enemies but make sure you don't create new ones....don't forget to prioritise and put other things at the back burner. 

Time flies and before you know it, the time for decisions have arrived. Be wise than depend and need people but not the converse..Conclusion: practise humility, good governance and transparency. 

Fundamentally, this is the time we must be focused and move on.

FBSHApost@30 January 2016

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