Monday, February 29, 2016

FBSHApost@29 February 2016: Things have changed

Many would like to look back on their lives as get older..There is a tendency for us as we passed on in our age to think what we're better than what are...There is nothing unusual about these. In some respects there are correct but in reality no...It is more true to say that everything has changed, not necessarily in the transformative way but they are definitely different.. life style has changed, political landscapes have changed....we are getting closer to each other because of progress in development of communication; transport and technology. 

In the sense we are now living in a global village and borderless...sovereignty does not have the meaning it used to have. We are bound by regional and other international treaties...the UN and regional and sub regional grouping become the governing body...Most countries are Republics and if not constitutional monarchy. 

Malaysia holds the world record of having the majority of monarchs in the world.. Still endeared. Our former colonial master is the only country that does not have a written Constitution. We used to travel in a non-air-conditioned vehicle...perspiring was normal...but its the greatest thing for us..It is also not unusual to sit in each other's lap in the car to visit relatives and friends. 

My father was riding a bicycle, walking for miles or pillion ride on an old motorcycle to go for political was like a festival...with film show with a noisy projector....and a theater show...we enjoyed and looked forward to the show coming back...There were friendship and sincerity...But these were...don't expect them to come back. 

Life today is full of luxuries and comfort...pomp and gaiety...they speak different language and practice different cultures...Now we talk about geopolitics and at times geo-economics.. sophistication with less sincerity and honesty. Machiavelli being revived...Macbeth is alive...wearing different costumes and dresses.

There are many challenges and opportunities...For me I watched with hopes that it is better than it was.. they say life is like a turning wheel...accept realities.. nothing is's interpretation of freedom democracy and capitalism...power and class struggle some would argue...what ever it is, this is the country we love and will die for..

I just wrote based on what I remember...not necessarily with good flow....

FBSHApost@29 February 2016

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