Thursday, November 10, 2016

FBSHApost@31 August 2016: Happy Merdeka to All

When the country achieved independence on 31st August 1957, I was 13 years old...My father as an official of UMNO in JB prior to their move to KL had to go to all corners of the Kampong to seek Malay support for UMNO and later on Alliance..He was part and parcel of the personalities who gave their lives to obtain independence...some leaders in Britain were not confident that the Malays would be able to lead an independent multi-ethnic Malaya which they have left this country to be and they also have their supporters within the country. 

Tunku and his team managed to convince them that the best route was to give Malaya the independence and later on it was the Tunku also who made it possible for Sabah and Sarawak to be part of independent Malaya and called ourselves Malaysia after its confirmation on the wish of the people by Cobbold commission and confirmed by the UN.

That was history how we were formed as one country and one nation under one constitution as a federation. Anything contrary to that is ultra vires...

The leaders of yester years were simple and not ostentatious of their wealth (for those who have) and status (for some they were royal or aristocratic). 

Today things have changed and politics have changed, leaderships and styles have also changed. No more bicycles, small motorcycles or buses or even walking to go to party meetings. Conspicuous show of or spending is everywhere visible from head to toe. But that is the nature of things. Now I am 72 and I pray we can recollect the struggle and build the future on the spirit of 57 one nation that stand together in peace and tranquility. Those given the reign of power and those that make politics their vocation or call would perform their task with honesty and responsibility for the nation of Malaysia...Happy Merdeka to all.

FBSHApost@31 August 2016

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