Monday, November 14, 2016

FBSHApost@12 November 2016: The Special Lecture on 9/11 Nov by Malaysian DPM

The Special Lecture on 9/11 Nov by Malaysian DPM at OXCIS Oxford on De Rooting Radicalism & Extremism was well attended & received. He talked about the Malaysian experience on managing a multicultural ethnic and religious society in a very balanced and moderate way. Moderation had allowed for political, economic, security and societal spheres to be executed in an inclusive manner which has brought peace and stability to the country. He also mentioned about the need to look at the root causes of radicalism and extremism in order to effectively tackle the problems. The west has a role in overcoming xenophobia and racism or discrimination within, inter & intra states. In other words for it to be de rooted the issues must be viewed from both sides of the divide . His rendition that Islam from classical to modern times have always been moderate on the basis of Quran & Sunnah was very much appreciated and welcomed. It is significant that this message be clearly conveyed as the audience include scholars and students from Oxford University and outside.

FBSHApost@12 November 2016

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