Friday, November 11, 2016

FBSHApost@22 September 2016: Today the Globe is at Our Palm

Reading the Tweets and FB posts is indeed a wonderful experience in our journey of life with different shades and colors, values and norms. We get updated and informed on what is happening around and beyond us. We see the revolutions as well as evolution of cultures and beyond that civilization. The cyber space has played a great part in our daily lives, socially, politically and economically. It can even change and shape our perspectives on security and its challenges. It has influenced our mindsets and semantics in communication to others. 

Today the globe is at our palm. We can get confused on what is truth and reality as our norms and values are confronted with change. We live with visible and inherent prejudices and bias be it of color, ethnicity or religion. Rules of politics have changed domestically and internationally. Information is in abundance but knowledge is hidden by the elites. In sum, its a complex and difficult world...

FBSHApost@22 September 2016

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