Monday, November 14, 2016

FBSHApost@4 November 2016: Life in Oxford

Life in Oxford is indeed very challenging but interesting. We are here at a time when its freezing cold, which brings us back to how it was during my student days in London. I have never gone through this type of regime where I meet people who are so scholastic and academic. We discussed a wide spectrum of subjects and topics as the fellows are also lecturers in various Colleges of Oxford University. The various rooms we are assigned to at the Centre are for fellows who are constantly busy on their desktop doing research, making notes or giving lectures and tutorials on a one to one basis and also lectures on their individual subjects. The library facilities are simply superb. Learning is really from cradle to grave. 

Today is a very dull and rainy day. I decided to walk to the Centre in the rain. I left the Centre after my Maghrib prayer at 4.34 pm. It's already dark and quiet. Again I decided to walk back and reached home exhausted. We had dinner that my wife cooked. We went to sleep early and wake up also early too..Soon it will be over and I would deliver my lecture by the end this month.

FBSHApost@4 November 2016

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