Monday, November 14, 2016

FBSHApost@29 October 2016: My Journey to Oxford

I left KL by MAS flight at midnight from KLIA on 26/10/16. In the flight I was more interested to sleep, though the menu offered was quite tempting. Due to the stewardess and fabulous friendly service I was persuaded to savor a few small dishes after which I went to sleep. I did exactly that and was soundly asleep until about three hours before landing. It was a smooth flight although there were some small turbulence along the way. 

The Captain landed the aircraft nicely at 6.20 am on 27.10.16 as scheduled. We went through the passport clearance quite quickly. The border security officer asked who I am and why I am here. I explained and our passports were stamped. The next move was to the baggage area which was quick and efficient. Even though Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world, the baggage handling was par excellence. Everything was tip top...the toilet was clean and without any disturbing odour. 

After all formalities had been cleared we walked to the waiting area looking for our transport. Aside from some miscommunication he was there to help us with the luggage...It was a Viano Mercedez, so it was enough for the four of us and our luggage. The morning was cold and foggy. Not much traffic on the way to Oxford and we stopped once at the R&R for a drink. After which off we went on our way to Oxford, a place that is so historical. 

Everywhere you are surrounded by different colleges of Oxford University. Actually it has a lot of memories for me and family. Oxford is still an inspiring place. I walked a lot from the moment we arrived. I also made full use of PT especially the buses and learned what bus to take to where. So convenient to get me to Oxford Islamic Studies Centre. Its efficient and on time. Taxis are too expensive as a mode from point to point. London and even Oxford today are very cosmopolitan, an example of multiculturalism of cuisine & people. I enjoy the tranquility and the academic environment. Here I can be myself with people who are so friendly and helpful. Its cold and we know winter is coming...The leaves are beginning to turn beautiful red and yellow. Another day passes.

FBSHApost@29 October 2016

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