Monday, November 14, 2016

FBSHApost@3 November 2016: Why is Nothing Done?

Whatever we want to say about the international system we are still witnessing selective treatment and even double standards. We have seen previously how genocide was committed in Rwanda and Yugoslavia. The international community & UN were too slow to act. We saw humanitarian tragedy before our eyes. The international community debated on sovereignty & non-interference. No one should argue but I am sure the right to sovereignty does not extend to extra judicial killings and genocide against its population whether citizens or non citizens. At one time it was argued the law for humanitarian intervention was looked at with suspicion but this is now called crime against humanity and the R2P.... protect human life and not military intervention. In the Middle East & Africa the international community & UN acted quickly though ultimately there is still no solution after the peace. In Myanmar gross violations of human rights, crime against humanity and it is said there are documented evidence of genocide. 

Why nothing is done. 

The fact the country is progressing towards democracy and they should be given time to settle cannot include ethnic cleansing of its own people especially the innocence. The least that could be done is to demand the government to stop its military & police to go on the rampage of killings, raping and burning of villages, houses and mosques. Myanmar has decided to become part of the international community, it must therefore abide by international law and the UN Charter. ASEAN as a regional organization must fulfill its obligations under international law and UN Charter... consistent with the establishment of an ASEAN Community that is people-centered and respect the rule of law. 

Remaining silent is not the answer.

FBSHApost@3 November 2016

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