Friday, November 11, 2016

FBSHApost@19 September 2016: Former Leaders of State or PMs in the UK

I was reading an article in the Singapore Straits Times on the fate of former leaders of State or PMs in UK. Interestingly from being surrounded by so many officials and colleagues suddenly upon retirement or resignation they are alone or not even recognised or acknowledged in the midst of the public. It is worst for leaders who come to power in the mid-forties and retired or resigned before reaching fifty like David Cameroon. From being adulated to being ignored and lonely. But that's fact of life. The writer opined in this article it is a great loss to the nation if their experience are not used for productive purposes. However every incumbent as a rule of thumb like to be their own leader and make their own mark without interference or competition from their predecessors.

FBSHApost@19 September 2016: 

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