Wednesday, November 9, 2016

FBSHApost@13 August 2016: Taxis in Bangkok and Singapore

Recently I have been in taxis in two cities namely Bangkok and Singapore. In Bangkok, the first taxi I took simply use the meter but due to language barrier he dropped me in a different place from where I wanted to go even though the hotel has written for me in Thai the place I wanted to go. To return to the hotel I hailed a taxi on the street. I showed him the hotel written in Thai and he just quoted me the fare. I told him he should use the meter. He kept on reducing the fare. He was determined not to use the meter. Finally I negotiated to a level that I considered just about the fare if he were to use the meter. 

In Singapore I just mentioned where I wanted to go and brought me exactly to the place. In both cities the vehicles used were new and clean, the drivers were polite. In Singapore at the end of the journey the driver would ask whether we wanted a receipt. I related this story sadly to provide contrast with our own.

FBSHApost@13 August 2016

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