Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The Cabinet has been reshuffled with the intention of strengthening the government under Najib and collectivism, which is the essence of the system. THE PM also made it clear at this period of his leadership he needs loyalty more than anything else. This should be noted when assessing the government. He had also mentioned deliberately to thank Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Shafie Afdal and Hasan Malek and others who had served the government in the Cabinet. These personalities are important players in the party and government. Let they be treated with respect and honour. This is not the time to shoot yourself in the foot that could cause a rift between party members and the leaderships. 

In fact it is a time for mending fences as the recent exercise has created all kinds of negative sentiments particularly in Johore. Johore is just not another state but a significant ground for the well being and health of UMNO as a whole especially in Peninsular Malaysia. It is pertinent that the current situation is not taken advantage by the opposition. From now and the next GE 14 is not that long. The focus should now be on rectifying the party weaknesses and bring about unity and cohesion of the party and government. This is of course a complex and difficult task, more so in bringing public confidence and turning negative perceptions to positivity...I have always thought it's necessary for the government to be seen humble as the PM repeatedly had said and willing to be transparent to share whatever information on issues of interest with the a very consultative and proactive manner ...once the opposition has spin and the social media taken over the work the party and government is placed in a defensive battle or war is won on this basis. As politics is a game of numbers the ruling party must command the numbers. 

It is also important for the team members to coordinate and articulate intelligently. No one in a maturing and participative democracy the country is going through should assume the party or the government has the sole possession of knowledge and wisdom. You must be popular and acceptable to the rakyat who is the final arbitrator of the government's position. Hijrah can only be meaningful and effective if we have made changes to ourselves. In our system there is no co-equal to the PM and he made this succintly clear. Zahid Hamidi is his chosen deputy and this should be understood. The political battle in UMNO has been won but the war is not over. We can only wish them the best and the nation be brought together in unison and political stability achieved to move to the next phase of building confidence, integrity and governance which the public is demanding.

FBSHApost@3 August 2015

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