Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Time passes by today and yesterday
Every second, minute and day, life ticking away
The months and years that's beautiful and those that bring melancholy 
Nothing can stop and no time machine can reverse the times gone by
You try to catch the glimpses in your mind's eye
They encapsulate the memories of your story
You travel the journey the life cycle of many
You meet and part that's the reality
The inevitable and unstoppable 
Those that make you smile and happy
There are times you try to dictate what it is to be
But in destiny you cannot see
You plan but God disposes
Which you can't predispose
You are at the command of your Maker
You look at the distance as far as your eyes can see
The sun, the moon, the stars take their turn
In a universe that is predetermined
Every being is subject to its consternation
In a sequence that shows the wonder of creation
Planet earth is in this cosmos of constellation
What we are and where we are not permanent 
Everyone and everything is waiting for their turn...
Life and death is a sure constant
Change will happen for certain
Justice and injustice are the balance
As a vicegerent on earth each and every human
Love and forgiveness contain in your heart's possession
The middle path is the check and balance
To keep the cosmos and constellation 
To move together in their sequence

FBSHApost@12 Ogos 2015

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