Wednesday, August 19, 2015


In a democracy we often hear the subject of the rule of law being debated. What does it mean.. To put it simply it means the law of the country should govern a nation, as against officials exercising power and make decisions according to their whims n fancies. The World Justice Project defines rule of law based on universal principles as follows:
  1. govt, officials, individuals and private entitles are all accountable to the law
  2. the laws are clear, publicized, stable and just to protect security of persons n property
  3. the enactment of the laws are accessible, fair n efficient
  4. justice are meted out by competent, ethical, independent and neutral officials.
The above mentioned will become check and balance against govt actions, allow the nation to free herself from corruption, we can have an open govt. When we guarantee fundamental rights the nation will enjoy order n security. Consequently enforcement is present in the delivery of civil and criminal justice. In a system where there is separation of powers between the three arms of govt i.e. the legislative, executive and judicial, this should ensure freedom and rule of law are respected by everyone in the position of power. Citizens and officials would feel safe and protected.This is why the rule law is an important prerequisite to sustain freedom and democracy.

FBSHApost@9 August 2015

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