Wednesday, August 19, 2015


There are many things in our life that affect or touch us personally in a negative or positive way. This caused us to react and might get disappointed or disillusioned with our lives. Such things happened in our daily lives, like the loss of our parents or dear ones...we would then regret for not being able to do more or be closer to them when they were around and still with us. These are regrets of time, once lost, could not be reverted. In the case of a shattered love it might have long term effects on how we look at future relationships. It could also happen when someone close betrayed you. The hurt is deep and the question that kept on popping out, "what have I done or what went wrong". You keep on asking the sincerity of the association or the materialism that governed it. 

The incidences, events or episodes are part of the process of experience that we would go through in our lifetime. Some sweet and some bitter. It would definitely leave a lasting imprint on your life. In my case I am not so lucky at choosing friends. My problem I am too straight forward and never vindictive. I see people as they are and start to trust them. More often than not these so called "your trusted people" betrayed and stab you in the back in a way that you never expected or thought would be done. You ended up saying 'that's life'. In politics and business you can meet these kinds of people who are Machievelian without realising it. These paths are part of the maturing process. In my case more often than not it came too late...I met many people who are not loyal or faithful. In truth they are just using you to achieve their ambitions or objectives. 

They would after getting what they wanted drop you like a hot potato. The best of friendships are those who became friends because they wanted to be so and didn't expect anything in return. This is of course not easy to find. Believe me Allah is kind and never abandon you. So don't loose hope. Saidina Ali r.a. advised us, in life never give up due to the disappointments but keep on the torch of hope burning under whatever circumstances. This would make our life meaningful. He also said, one should base friendships or associations on sincerity because this would cleanse and purify our lives in order to ascertain our place in heaven. 

Finally Saidina Ali r.a said sincerity would make our actions better and allow us to be honest and truthful. This would prevent us from victimising anyone and would enlighten our hope. In other words don't be disappointed or be disillusioned with life that Allah has lent to us.

FBSHApost@26 July 2015

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