Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Now this small Samsung note 4 gadget has become my most loyal and faithful friend. Everywhere I go it will always be accompanying me. Without it I feel somewhat lost...funny though I am not a person who likes to chat or receive calls..unless it is absolutely necessary. Most of the time when it rings its always someone inquiring about something or a journalist who wants some answers pertaining to my responsibility. Habitually I keep an open door policy. Even though this is a good policy but you do sometimes face some irritating characters. Otherwise I used the cell phone for tweeting and FB postings of my activities officially, family or personal activities. These prove to be fun and keep us up to date on the going on. I think this flat world has made us well informed as well as a targets for all kinds of abuses...people can use this for good or evil.for truth or lies. We can be.targets of malicious allegations ..but after a while one gets used to it...eventhough it can be vicious....i am always very happy that all of us become a student of google for better or for worse. Its a source for all kinds of knowledge. ...When i go to sleep its beside me other than my wife!!!!! and when I get up I stare at it...its the most unsociable invention to be introduced to mankind. Be careful what you post, it could go viral.

FBSHApost@22 July 2015

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