Friday, August 28, 2015


Today we are inundated with the issue of how a public officer should perform their responsibilities in the context of integrity, transparency and accountability as espoused by the UN. In this regard the UN defines integrity as honesty or trustworthiness in the discharge of public duties so as to avoid corruption and the abuse of power. Whilst transparency means availability of information on decisions and performance of public officials to members of the public. Accountability would mean the obligation of reporting the usage of public funds and answerable for failure to meet stated performance objectives. These requirements for maintaining standards must be approached holistically as integrity, transparency and accountability are the core element of governance which is essential in the fight against corruption. The struggle to get rid of corruption is not only an end itself but it is the necessary value in any government reforms to bring a better future for the people.

FBSHApost@27 Ogos 2015

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