Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Nowadays time passes so quickly. Before you realise it one month of Ramadhan is over...We have already begun the Shawal and eidul fitri. Its a time of rejoice for successfully completing the trials and tribulations of struggling against lust and desire in physical and spiritual sense...hopefully to be better than you were. Its also an occasion of love and forgiveness. Today we went only to a few selected places....Istana Negara, Sri Perdana, my eldest brother's, my wife's eldest sister's and a house of a dear friend.. we came back exhausted. After asar prayer I stayed in my study reading an article on the history of the Rohingya and the human rights abuses by the Burmese government on them. Its very sad to think that not much had been done by the international community to reinstate their rightful position as a citizen of Myanmar. I then followed up with going through the many references that I had read in the preparation of my PhD thesis on NI and FP during the era of Mahathir. The many drafts that I had written and rewritten...I am astonished the thousand pages of papers I had consumed before my final thesis was submitted to the university to determine whether there was any plagiarisation. 

Only after passing that stage it was sent to the examiners and after passing it a viva was set. The viva was a nerve wrecking cross examination by three examiners from three different Universities, who were complete strangers to me. Alhamdulillah I got through it and got my PhD last year at the age of 70....As I was reading I kept on saying to myself that I could have submitted a better piece of work. But it was satisfying it's all over. By 7 pm I went down to wait for the arrival of guests who were members of our clan comprising of different races, religion and cultural backgrounds. This is our annual ritual where my wife prepares the food herself. It was lots of fun and noise...with children playing and shouting on top of their voices and adults chatting and debating on s variety of subjects. Interesting and challenging to hear all shades of views and opinions...By midnight everything was over as they left the house...we are back to silence and tranquility. In my thoughts I wonder how long more of this can I be part of. Sometimes we forget that life is just a fleeting moment...we must be magninimous to the weaknesses and shortcomings of each other...after all we are humans.

FBSHApost@18 July 2015

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