Wednesday, August 19, 2015


A good reminder from Saidina Ali r.a for us as human being to ponder on...
  1. The first thing is the importance of time, which would not wait for anyone and gone forever when it passed us. It is thus important for us to value and manage time well.
  2. The second thing is about words. We should be mindful of what we say because once spoken it cannot be undone. In other words the hurt it might cause on others.
  3. Finally opportunity. We should remember not to let opportunities just go by because we may not have a second chance.
As I looked back on my own life I could feel the wisdom of these sayings.On many occassions we had just wasted our life by not respecting time or wittingly or unwittingly say something without realizing how it hurts or affects others. Similarly in the case when an opportunity came our way we ignored or didn't take advantage of it, be in business, politics or even in our personal life..This is just food for thought.

FBSHApost@23 July 2015

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