Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Many have discussed about the changing political values nationally and internationally. Change is the only constant thing in life. We should not be surprised by its coming but more significant is how we prepare and manage this change. This is where it is important to retain institutional memories as well as build up the history around it. From these we would be able to maintain continuity so as we can build up our future based on the past..This is not for the of nostalgia but to learn from the lessons and experiences of the past..to replicate the good and avoid the bad....to draw new strategies and plans taking into account the changing political, economic, security and societal landscapes. Nothing remains static. 

We started political power sharing from the Alliance with three major ethnic groups Malays, Chinese and Indians in the Federation of Malaya..with lots of accomodation and compromise by the main indigenous community the Malays for peace stability and security...The founding leaders were imbued from the beginning to work together....their relationships were enhanced at the personal level...In 1963 Malaysia was formed with Sarawak and North Borneo and Singapore. After 12 years of independence of Malaya and six years of Malaysia ethnic fault lines began to appear....Singapore was sacked from the Federation just after two years of merger in 1965. The lessons we learned from this is that an overcharged racial campaigning would bring about racial tensions which after the GE 1969 the May 13 tragedy happened. Alliance was then expanded to BN. 

With the current political uncertainty and the 1MDB and other scandals we faced a crisis of confidence and credibility. Where do we go from here? Is't time we consider that change is inevitable as the grounds have shifted. After all the same party has been in power since self rule in 1955 with only changes in the composition from Alliance to BN. The pattern is that the original ruling party globally has not survived under normal time notwithstanding the fact that they have brought progress and development. Now in order for the new generation to support BN they must be able to identify their values with BN and has the sense of association with the party. Without it BN seems to be divorced from the dictate of the realities of politics of the time. 

These are legitimates issues that need to be addressed. There is no one and straight answer but change has to happen...its only when, how and what.. Will the change bring back the new sense of belonging and association. These are difficult questions that need to be responded to. Whateve, since change is inevitable....the successors must be prepared to accomodate change without upsetting the structure or system.

FBSHApost@14 July 2015

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