Wednesday, August 19, 2015


After last night's eidul fitri gathering I woke up in the morning to be just in time to perform my Fajr prayer. I was lucky this time my wife acted as the alarm clock. In the midst of being awake and asleep I asked has the azan been called as usually I would like to go to the mosque. Aziah just replied its too late but there is still time for me to pray. That's our life we keep on reminding each other on things we have to do. I suppose that's what togetherness means. In fact as you grow older and when we have family gathering, being happy and merry....I watched the little ones who have grown up and the new ones entering this treacherous journey of life... For the really young ones they fraternised with each without a care in the world on what's happening outside their playing circle. 

We used to be in that world. Pure and sincere...happy with the life in front of them..I am sure many of us like to be like them if we can stop growing up...just like Peter Pan....but those are fanciful dreams....Whilst the grown ups are busy debating and asking on the broader spectrum of what's happening to the country, governance, politics and government..expressing.their concerns and disappointments....whenever I can suggest my views and opinions I would do that...but these are clearly a well informed group on the happenings in the corporate, business, in the economy, politics and many other multifarious areas. They have strong positions on corruption, governance, accountability, credibility and integrity. Mind you these are not people who are in the opposition but ordinary well informed citizens..They are all voters if BN in the last GE 13...Talking and debating freely have been the family trade mark since the days of my father Almarhum Syed Jaafar Albar and Almarhumah Sh Fatimah Albar at our family what I would call retreat either on weekends or eidul fitri. I enjoy getting together like this and chatting without any constraint on protocol or on what to say. I wish we have more of these. 

They always associate me with the government and at times questioned me on what I had done on specific issues. Obviously some of them follow my writtings. They thought whilst I write well I didn't state my views on many issues in a forthright and direct way. They wanted me in short to state my views frankly and bluntly on political situation and leadership. They represent the young concerned citizens who are not happy with the current state of the country. They are worried about their and children's future..They feel the government and the leadership have failed them and the country. They talked about change to reinstate the country and nation's image and credibility.I mentioned about idealism and reality. Their thoughts are not dissimilar with the views of other young people.We are really in for a hard time ahead. Many young and old have lost faith on politics and political leaderships.These are not being DAP or PAS. Again they have never been political though they follow politics closely as it affects their lives or for that matter support the opposition. 

My conclusion in this matter is that the political and government leaderships must listen and not to consider dissent or differing views to be anti government..we must not brush aside problems or say it does not exist or in sum suffer from denial syndrome..We need to deal with the cause and effect to provide the right diagnosis quickly...people who sing words of praises are the ones that would bring the downfall of a legacy and heritage. The ones that offer frank and blunt advise love the country and nation. We ended up the night without any specific conclusion. But I know there are many other groups individually and collective around kl discussing the same thing..i slept without any dream...too tired or too worried...

FBSHApost@18 July 2015

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