Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I just read a book on ISIS written by Michel Weiss and Hassan Hassan a foreign policy journalist and Middlle East analyst respectively. One American and the other Syrian. If previously we have ignored the role of non state actors in the global political dynamics but today we do so at our own peril. They can actually be a serious threat to international peace and security. In order to understand them so that we can provide a proper holistic diagnosis of the menace and threat rather than tackling the symptoms we need to get back to the basics, looking at the root causes. I think it will be naive for us to assign the problem just to radicalistion of Muslims or radical Islam or the tendency to use the tool of extremisms or terrorisms. The answer lies in the realms of political, economics, socio cultural environment and security. This should not be confused with finding justification for wrongful and criminal acts. The success of ISIS at the initial stage had to do with this. Now we need to allow space for a clear road map with better understanding of the various issues and problems at the national or local level. Any imposition of solutions from outside will not be sustainable for the long term.

FBSHApost@3 July 2015

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