Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Now is the time we need to stay focus. Soon we will be celebrating our merdeka. We need to look back on how this nation was built through hard work amidst our differences and diversity. Whatever some people might say we have done well. This is the place that we can call home...The strength of the government is very.much dependent on the civil service that perform their task in implementing government policies in a fair and balanced manner. They are truly independent and neutral. Whatever happens on the political side the civil service has to go on... Now there is a perception that they are dragged into the political foray. 

Speaking to very senior retired civil servants they are very unhappy with what is currently happening in the civil service and would like it to be reinstated to its original role...A lot of things are happening in the political side but let the investigation be completed and takes its course. We can't spend full time answering the blogs or the social media...but of course we can't ignore. The biggest task is managing our economy and don't allow it to slide without control. The policies are there and let the service implements what is best for our country...The slide of the ringgit is costing us a lot in many aspects and the stock markets are markets are not exciting either....the country's reserves have also gone down....let us work together to save the economy and our beloved country....Many of us have written or spoken, not because we are against the government. .but we are seeing danger signs...let us ensure governance, transparency and accountability...let us protect the institutions that are so important to our nation's well being and future..

FBSHApost@13 Ogos 2015

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