Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I hear and see many people debate about freedom and democracy. Very good and inspirational when the discourse is on the subject of whatever form especially amongst the young who are the inheritors of the legacy the present generation would leave behind...we started off with the Tunku, followed by Tun Razak, Tun Hussein, Tun Mahathir, Tun Abdullah and Dato Sri Najib. I have the honour of meeting and knowing all of them. Each of our previous leaders have left their mark and legacy. They contributed to what we are today....Without their perseverance and patience we would not be a nation we are today...not perfect but all of us have benefited from their policies, free from internal and external threats..our economy grew and political stability maintained. We started with the Alliance party and until today the BN. 

All along this country is built on the principle of compromise and accommodation. Its not a zero sum game. I also had the honour of serving Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah as a Cabinet Minister. Tun Mahathir was the one responsible for bring me into mainstream politic from the private sector. Tun Abdullah was a PM I served and a friend. Now under Najib I served in a statutory Agency. The two succeeding PMs were totally different in all dimensions from Tun Mahathir. He was tough but easy to serve...During Abdullah's time there were new the country..he came in with a resounding victory but left honourably under internal party pressure when Najib was the Deputy....Under Abdullah we see the system of government and the political environment was getting more free and the emergence of social media...On succeeding Abdullah Badawi Najib wanted to make more friends with the west and accordingly adopted a more democratic and free style approach. 

What we are now experiencing is the outcome of Najib's liberal policies in politics and economy...The style of management has to follow suit such as on governance, corruption snd transparency. However the public who are more discerning now don't see it happening that way. We are witnessing more and more leakages whether intentionally or unintentionally of government information and even political transactions. Things have gone out of control and today as a result of these leakages even if it us quarter or half truths the public gets angry and critical, there is a crisis of integrity and confidence...everyone from the civil service to politics to business are affected....unfortunately the political masters or their advisors have not been able to manage them well....But this does not mean we should bring democracy and freedom on the street...Freedom must be exercised with responsibility...If chaos and turmoil is brought to the conflict theatre, then we and all the rakyat would suffer...I hope people who propagate freedom recognize that you cannot act extra legal or judicial to call for the overthrow of the government. Everything has to be done according to process and law....Follow it religiously especially this is not an easy time.

FBSHApost@16 Ogos 2015

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