Tuesday, August 18, 2015


This month of rahmah and barakah makes me contemplate and reminisce the journey of life I had passed through. This is done in order to thank Allah for his mercy and compassion in giving us such a wonderful mother and father. How I now think I had not done enough for them.. Their contributions spiritually and materially to us were simply immeasurable. On relection how I wish had done more for them to repay for their sacrifices. May Allah place them in jannah firdausi and be with our beloved Rasulallah s.a.w. I know life for us was not a bed of roses. 

My mother brought us up with lots of patience and perserverance whilst my father was fully occupied for umno as its infancy in 1946 with Dato Onn to serve religion, race and nation. He gave everything in whatever he did as a teacher, journalist, and politician without askiing anything in return. When he died he was the leader of umno youth whilst giving a speech to the Johore umno youth leaders to unite.My mother had the patience of an angel. She cried without us knowing she did. She was the mother, the teacher of our values, she taught us to be caring. She was also the best chef, she washed our clothes and clothed us for schools. My father always loved her for all she did for him as well as to bring the family together. My father provided us with our material sustenance. 

Somehow or rather I don't know whether as children we were able to make her happy...she gave her heart and soul to all my siblings...There were twelve of us not necessarily easy to handle. She wanted us to be happy and succeed in life. She sacrificed everything. In my case according to my mum I wanted to be a lawyer and judge from the moment I coud speak. With her doas I did not become a judge of the high court but still a judge of justice as a President of sessions court...With her doas I went on with my life as a banker, a practising corporate lawyer and as an MP and Cabinet Minister. It was through their good name and doas that I achieved all these. My mum was able to see me until I became a Cabinet Minister. She was very proud of me and was there to guide me before she was bed ridden. My dad died before I arrived at the top of my winding political career. What would all of us be without their hard work and selfless sacrifices.True life then was different and values were high and important commodities even for politicians. We understood what it meant to serve ...Alfatehah.. This posting will continue....to share varying aspects of my life cycle.....InsyaAllah

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