Wednesday, August 19, 2015


In this time of trials and tribulations..I try to pen down a poem in English. I am a novice in this, as my mind and thoughts are deeply engraved in Malay. Albeit my mind is in a stormy state as I watched and observed what's happening around and beyond. this is how it reads in my unschooled manner:

I was searching for forms and directions
To speak my descriptions
Staring at the room aimlessly
The books I had read
Searching for meaning 
the wilderness I'm surround
Feeling of love and charity
Between humankind of one
More thoughts poured into questions Emerging the images of justice
Concerns whether I'll be saying the right thing
As Rudyard Kipling
Or will I just be imagining
Of Khalil Gibran of love death and living
Something that is nothing
My thoughts travel in motion
Delving in philosophies and values
Looking for explanations
Of justice and humanity 
Of Salam and Aman
Don't we see the signs in the climate and environment
Man in its faliabilty is in a state of confusion
What is in domination
In a manner of collision
On the lands and in the oceans
Asking for answers who is more sovereign
Between people and government
The response is certain
At times power and might 
Caused the people to be forgotten
Many in ignorance what is right
Justice converts to might
I see on the outside
Anarchy engulfed the sky
I witness people speaking in a discourse
Many things have passed by
You can only hear the voices that cry
The ordinary man without shoes
Those on the bicycles
The villagers and urban dwellers
Innocent seeking answers
To stand on the land they love
In loyalty and dignity
Not to be rubbished by those strong and mighty
They talk about being free
Living in dignity and integrity
Not lustful and greedy
Seeking basic neccesity
In this passage of life journey
They are not asking for money
But for the love of the country
We have lost our spirituality
Hands clapsed together called for compassion and mercy from Almighty
Truth and justice
To govern and overcome falsity
The voices of power and might are loud and clear
People desire to disappear
To live in peace and tranquility
To be free to uphold justice and equity
To leave a legacy in the meadows and valley
To free the minds from confusion and worry
In comfort, content to be citizens of honesty
What would it be
For freedom to people and country
Government of governance and transparency
Sharing the ideal of sovereignty
The poor and rich
Standing in equality
The powerful and mighty
Salute the citizenry
Answer with responsiblity
Intelligence and accountability
My mind would then be calmed
To Almighty I will succumb

FBSHApost@2 August 2015

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