Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Up in the mountains looming high
I stretch my arms up to the sky
I looked down the mountain slopes with gerrymendering valleys 
The trees and foliage of exuberant colours
I inhaled the air rushing so pure
The oozing rivers and streams with its baggling sounds 
My mind was filled with imaginations and illusions
My spirit and soul intoxicated tranquility
Lonely in this abyss of mystic beauty
I had climbed the slopes and hills
From the meadows far below 
The hidden secrets of the forests captivate
The spirit and soul in the reason of the mind
This was the nascent of a journey
Many are the wonders in the creation of the Almighty
So exalted is He 
For human to absorb and see
In the company of nature that surrounds me
I was overwhelmed with the feeling of being lonely
This mountain, valley and meadows with its mystery
Contains the epitaph of Allah's mercy
When I have none to tell the story
He is there to provide me comfort in soul and body
I opened the book of Al Ghazali and Nawawi
In the darkness of the jungle
I saw the light of the Quran and Hadiths
From the narration of Imam Shafie
I no longer feel abandon but free
As I find peace and security 
Who understood the true me
This torch I will carry
Almighty has set me free from this treachery.

1.15pm AlShifaq
FBSHApost@11 Ogos 2015.

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