Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Let it flows like the birds that fly in the sky
Free free to enjoy humanity and universality..
Allah creates human with a mind to be in mind
Different from animals and angels 
Given option for you to define
Nature that are really mankind
With good and evil side by side 
It is these that decide between black and white
Given faculty of mind to understand
Free free to choose a country and boundry
Never shackle your mind and body
Subservient and servant only to Almighty
The Creator of the Universe and humanity
Freedom to find love and charity
Amongst human fellows in the global community
Walk the earth with unity and dignity
Manage your fotress with honesty and integrity
in the oneness of the Almighty
Not to suppress or oppress
The hearts and minds quest to be free
Oh... children of Adam
We are born to embrace freedom
Enthralled with the beauty of love and diversity
The earth is ours jointly and severally
I see colours with multiplicity
Allah is the Giver of pride and dignity Humanity will fly and sing the song to be free
Holding each other in kindness and charity
For all to be free

8.30am at the Al Shifaq
FBSHApost@4 August 2015

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