Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I was opening the pages of knowledge in the Quran and Sunnah and the taskirah Fajar for the last few days. Many of us suffer the problem of ignorance and understanding on the Message of Allah through the Prophets. We were created to demonstrate the unity of Allah with the precepts of submission to Him and Him alone and the Oneness of Mankind. It is when we started to spread into different places and locations as well as formed borders of our own to establish communities, developed different languages, cultures, traditions and nation states with its own national consciousness. When this happened we started to be divided and engaged in conflicts...with each other. 

Truly we deviated from the sole purpose of creation of sharing, understanding and loving. Many Messengers and Prophets were appointed to bring Mankind to the premise of understanding the nature of God's commands with its rules and regulations as guidance. If we were to study and observe carefully the message from the prophets is that of unity of God and the universality of the teachings of the Messengers. For that reason there is similarities in the underlying philosophy and ideology of the Message. Its only human beings that create its own versions and interpretations that created divisions and conflicts. The last of the Prophets Mohammad s.a.w.(peace be upon Him) brought back and consolidated the message of the unity of God and universality of the religion. According to my Uztaz what we are experiencing and enjoying today is the Niqmat that God provided us....to receive or not to receive...to have the mental capacity to choose between good and bad, right and wrong, truth and falsehood, justice or oppression. 

Often we are given what we asked from Allah but could equally happen we get what we dont ask. These are matters within the realm of divine niqmat....or the will of God to provide anyone he so wish bounty. If we are to count thes bounties, we will not achieve its finality because God's bounties are limitless and within his hikmah. We need to accept good or bad....those who have understanding and fear of the Creator will be living within that balance achieving the middle way of moderation under the umbrella of God's mercy and compassion to allow the open space for us to make our own choices...this is just my contemplation..it can be accepted or rejected.

FBSHApost@26 Jun 2015

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