Tuesday, August 18, 2015


What did I discover through reflecting on the past...I comprehend my future better...writing it down and sharing is so therupatic... others also begin to share..nothing to be ashamed of...none of us is perfect...Some begin to say everything is destined or fated. True its all written in the divine logbook....every minute detail of creation. But Allah gives us the faculty of choice.from variable options...good and bad, right and wrong. Here I am and Aziah total strangers and our path never meet before was brought together in holy matrimony. Something happened that brought us to the pedestal of marriage without each saying the sonets of love or reciting Shakespearean phrases of love or the poems of Woodworth or Khalil Gibran. It happened too quickly... after the solemnisstion of marriage at No 37, Jalan AbdullahBangsar.....we were actually not to be united until I qualify as a barrister at law. 

When I went back I suddenly felt why was I married and alone. So I asked her to join me. I should salute and thank both our parents especially Aziah's father Syed Zainal for agreeing to allow her to join me...I knew they were very reluctant because they wanted to do a bid wedding reception in KL Instead due to my demand she was shipped to London alone to meet the stranger who is her husband. In consonant with the customs and traditions both parents wanted to see a true Malay wedding eventhough they could not attend. Seeing the photographs for them would be sufficient. She hand carried fried onions, spices, pandan potpori, henna leaves and the tourqouise songket which wad our wedding dress... I did not know a single thing in the arrangement. Fortunately her cousuin uncle Dato Ahmad Nordin was the Malaysian Information Attache at the High Commission and his wife Mak Jah. They were kind and helped us all the way. With the grace and kindness of Tunku. the wedding was held at the High Com. 

On the wedding day Aziah departed from Ahmad Nordin's Residence and I from the Residence of Dato Mansor the Malaysian Student Dept Director and his wife Datin Zainon played host for me....When she arrived at the London Airport...I and Dato Ahmad waited for her. She stood confident walking towards me....when I saw her I didn't know how to welcome her. I just simply did not know how to greet her. I just stood stiff looking at her... she broke the ice by touching my left cheek with her right hand. I just hai....this is my wife...Our wedded journey began after the excitements of a simple wedding ceremony...we had to live on our own...searching for a place in a deep cold snowy winter... we must make sure we have enough money for accomodation, food and heating. 1968 the year we were united was indeed a challenging year...when we recollected the story between the two of us and later on with our children we laughed and wonder how it could happen.
We learn about married life and decided since fate had brought us together we must make it work..we did everything together from that day on...we walked to shops to buy our daily requirements, we cooked together wearing our overcoats because there was no heating system in the kitchen....we carried coal together in winter to heat the house and she followed me to visit my friends who were mostly law students...she often listened to us talking about case laws and Acts...she remarked didn't you have anything more interesting other than talking on cases and sections...she worked and studied hair dressing and finally did a diploma in fashion designing and came out with distinction...When we went back to London again in the later part of our life I was a GM of BBMB. We have a good and comfortable life...We had left the first phase and enjoying the second phase of our life. 

Actually when I married her she was still a form five student, I was a matured student..since I restarted after I left Australia after failing my first year Economics and Political science degree..I regretted I did not continue. I was always telling her what to do...and a disiplinarian..according to her...I think I had mellowed and instead of telling her what to do...she now already capable of taking care of herself and even guide me on many issues that relate to our lives...Life is ours and thank Allah for loaning us. Hopefully we are able to do justice to the responsibility given us.

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